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VeloTouriste blog

Eroica California 2016
Riding Eroica on a restored vintage 1950s Urago French sportif bike.
Also published on the Eroica California website.

Charles Pelissier Randonneur
Restoring a 1950s French cyclotouring bicycle.

Bicycle Quarterly magazine

Eroica California 2015
BQ 55 (Spring 2016)
Cover photo and feature article. Gravel roads and classic bikes.

Jobst Brandt 1935-2015
BQ 53 (Autumn 2015)

A cyclist and mechanical engineer who inspired many.

Lining lugs
BQ 46 (Winter 2013)

How to handpaint bicycle frame lug outlines.

Jitensha Studio
BQ 25 (Autumn 2008)

Berkeley-based bicycle shop that designs custom bicycles.

1976 Fuji Ace
BQ 25 (Autumn 2008)

A vintage amateur race bike brought back to life.

Font magazine online

fStop: Images for the imagination
(Issue #3, March 2002)
The FontShop unveils a catalog of new creative stock photography.

Communication Arts magazine

OpenType Fonts: The Next Level of Digital Typography
(Photography Annual, August 2002).
A closer look at OpenType format fonts.

(Re)Reading the Classics
(May/June 2002, republished on the website)
Survey of recent digital revivals and reinterpretations of classic text typefaces.

ATypI Leipzig
(January/February 2001)
Review of the Association Typographique Internationale's annual conference.

ATypI Boston
(January/February 2000).
Review of the Association Typographique Internationale's annual conference.

Type in the Future Tense
(January/February 2000).
Survey of futuristic display types.

Post Industrial Sans Types
(Photography Annual, August 1999).
Survey of past and current sans types.

Embedded Fonts — New Challenges For Font Copyright Protection
(May/June 1999)
Article focusing on font embedding issues and technology.

Profile: Jim Parkinson
(January/February 1999).
A Type designer specializing in custom logotypes and display typefaces.

Fuse98: Beyond Typography, San Francisco
(Photography Annual, August 1998)
Review of conference focusing on experimental design and digital media.

Typographic Voices
(March/April 1998)
Survey of designers who emphasize typography in their work.

(March/April 1997)
Review of design technology conference, New York City.

Type on the Web
(Design Annual, December 1997)
Type foundries and related sites online.

Specialty Beer Label Design
(March/April 1996)
Survey of microbrewery labels and packaging.

Off the Beaten Path, New Directions in Type Design
(Design Annual, December 1994)
Survey of recent alternative digital type design.

Book Reviews

¡Sensacional de Diseño Mexicano!
by Juan Carlos Mena and Oscar Reyes
(Illustration Annual, July 2002)

by Albert Watson
(January/February 1995)

Scavullo Photographs, 50 Years
by Francesco Scavullo
(March/April 1998)

Designage, The Art of the Decorative Sign
by Arnold Schwartzman
(January/February 2000)

The Art of Portrait Photography
By Michael Grecco
(Photography Annual, August 2000)

Night and Lowlight Photography
by Lee Frost
(August Photography, Annual 2000)

by Bill Owens
(Advertising Annual, December 2000)

Hollywood Portraits, Classic shots and How to Make Them
by Roger Hicks/Christopher Nisperos
(August Photography, Annual 2000)

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